AN/GRC-206(V)1, 2 & 3 HF, VHF & UHF Radio SetAN GRC-206-1-3

AN GRC-206 2-2

We can supply  AN/GRC-206(V)3 Radio Sets fully reconditioned.

We can  also supply all of the various major components of the AN/GRC-206(V)3
as listed above as well as accessories and spare parts all fully reconditioned and guaranteed.

Some of the   radio sets used in the AN/GRC-206(V)3 Radio Set are:
 AN/VRC-83(V)3 VHF/UHF Radio Set
AN/URC-113 HF Radio Set 150W consisting of:
 RT-1444/URC Transceiver and AM-7148/GRC-206 HF RF Amplifier.
 RT-246A/VRC  VHF FM Transceiver

The RT-1444/URC is a RT-1209/URC that has been modified by adding an additional function to allow for remote frequency control capabilities.

All of the above radio sets can be supplied individually  as we are disassembling  some of our AN/GRC-206(V)3 Radio Sets.

Consult us for all of your AN/GRC-206(V)3  Radio Set requirements including spares and accessories.


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